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Infinite perspective ...
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Dale is a scientific illustrator, graphic novelist, inventor, explorer, and artist on the never-ending adventure. His techniques, materials, palette, and subject matter take many forms. At once explosive and sublime, Dale’s work emerges from the challenge to see what might happen if …. and one is never disappointed.
Brian paints observations and mathematical quandaries he transforms into geometric frameworks within which a story is told. Immediately apparent and delightfully satisfying is the choreography that unveils to the onlooker a rare and sensuous truth in each subject matter.
Chris is a fisherman and an outdoorsman who paints underpinnings, magnificent glimpses into landscapes, flows, and sky that pull you into the canvas. His powerful perspective and the unexpected energy in his brush are immediately alluring, having surrounded you at first glance.
Jay is an extraordinary sculptor and painter whose exquisitely crafted forms tell the story of the things with which he works - the brass, wood, canvas, paper are the attractors steeling your attention. The exchange is captivating.
Kathy has this well defined sole intent to her art: to paint beautiful things, to make beautiful paintings. Her methods generate singular platforms on which are elegant and amusing figures, flowers, trees. The simplicity and sparseness of Kathy’s work as it is married through the artists to invention and curiosity is palpable.
Kelly is a thriller, thinking, moving, doing: a choreography of progressive ideas. His art is all things and no things, impulse painted as stillness, art as change leaping forward and lying still. There is always more to what is revealed on the canvas but one thing is for for sure - it will be magnetic.
Beautiful new works, small and powerful in the company of big and meaningful, these paintings will be even more so in this intimate setting.

Anne Neely


2023, Oil on Linen, 60 x 48 inches

G15 Kathy Moss, Untitled #456, 2014, Oil on Linen, 72 x 72 inches Anticipated Bid Rate 254
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