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Visiting Artists
Juried Exhibition






Juried Exhibition & Silent Auction


Meet the Artists!
Saturday, April 6

Preview Days

April 5 – April 19

Silent Auction & Party Saturday, April 20



Aperto will donate 5% of all sales to Tucker House, a new women's shelter carrying out a critical service to the community



Your Host

This Exhibition is hosted by Aperto Fine Art located at 63 Main Street, Bridgton, Maine. This is a charity event. Aperto Fine Art will donate 5% of all sales generated by the Silent Auction to Tucker House, a new women's shelter carrying out a critical service to the community.


Applications Deadline is 4PM Sunday, February 25! 

Note: Feb 22 We extended the submittal deadline to accommodate artists who needed more time. The Jurors schedule remains the same.



Call or email the contacts below for answers to any questions you may have.

Email:      Phone: (207) 291-4245

Notification by 6pm Wednesday, March 6

  • Gallery Receiving Artwork Friday, March 29 through Sunday, March, 31, 

  • Pick-up artwork not sold Sunday, April 21 or Monday, April 22, 10am-6pm, 
    or by appointment

Gallery Hours

Fridays            12pm-8pm
Saturdays        10am-6pm
Sundays          12p

Anytime by appointment.

Jury Process

Each juror will review and score submittals individually. This will be a blind review and the artists' names will not be shared. Aperto Fine Art will then consolidate the submittals and develop a combined list including each Juror's score and the combined score for each entry. 

Up to 60 paintings wil
l pass through to the final evaluation session based on the initial review. Selections will be made during a Zoom meeting between all the Jurors, during which each entry will be discussed and given a final score that will determine whether the entry will be selected for the exhibition. Juror's may also reintroduce an entry that he or she feels should have a second review. Depending on the sizes of selected works, between 40 and 60 items will be selected for the exhibition.

The jurors for the exhibition will be made up of our gallery artists. These artists have diverse backgrounds, employ a wide array of techniques and as many subject matters and approaches to their art. They have come together as a group to Aperto Fine Art for the sheer joy of engaging with other artists, and to be encouraged to stretch beyond the possible to new and exciting horizons generated by the engagement. Who better than to review and assess artworks under the rubric of No Boundaries!


Meet the Juror's ... 

Dale Bradley, Master Printmaker, Painter, Sculptor
Brian Krebs, Painter
Kathy Moss, Painter
Chris Polson, Painter
William Kelly Thorndike, Painter, Sculptor

Submittals will be judged based on the following elements of artistic expression:

  1. Interpretation and clarity of the subject matter

  2. Creativity, uniqueness, and originality

  3. Quality of artistic expression and overall layout of the work

  4. Color and tone and balance of the image within its space

  5. Overall impression: what is the impact of the artwork in general and as a whole?

  6. Overall does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?

  7. Does the artwork push the creative edge and offer new and exceptional responses to chosen subject matters?


All artists submitting works will receive an email notification stating whether any of their submissions were selected for the exhibition, together with the summary results of the review.



Participation in the Visiting Artists Juried Exhibition constitutes acceptance of the requirements outlined in this Guide and in the Application. The decisions of the Jurors are final. 

By entering into this exhibition the artist is granting Aperto Fine Art a non-exclusive license to sell the original artwork according to the terms and procedures outlined in the Sales section below. The artist is also granting Aperto fine Art permission to include his or her submission images in any and all advertising for the exhibition, to include the published catalogue, together with the artist's name and artwork details. The artist agrees to not receive compensation for such uses.


Visiting Artists Juried Exhibition is open to all artists, amateur or professional, without limitation as to age or location. Employees of Aperto Fine art and entities associated with the promotion of the Exhibition and their respective affiliations as well as the immediate family of each such employee or associate are not eligible. This event is subject to federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Artwork must be created in physical media (no digital artwork). Acceptable media include oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, pencil, pen, etc. Two and three dimensional art are eligible, as are experimental and mixed media technologies as long as the physical aspect of the work is maintained. 


  • Artists receive compensation of 50% of the gross sales of their work, if any. Checks will be mailed as soon as the buyer's payment clears, generally within a week of receiving payment from the buyer.

  • Aperto will arrange for pick-up or delivery with each buyer.

  • Artists are responsible for retrieving their work if not sold.

  • No sales will take place prior to the silent auction.

  • Minimum bid pricing for the silent auction is set by the artist. Minimum bid pricing will be included on the auction sheet for each item. Items will not be sold that do not meet the minimum bid price.

  • Any and all promotional advertising costs are assumed by Aperto Fine Art.


  • Artists are responsible for the timely drop-off of their artwork. Artists must take all packaging materials with them when they deliver their art, and are responsible for repackaging and retrieving their work on the day(s) provided.

  • Artwork must be original in creation and concept, and must be created by the artist him or herself. If their is a question about authenticity, Aperto Fine Art reserves the right to demand proof of authorship. If such proof is not provided the artwork will not be considered.

  • Aperto Fine Art has the sole right to refuse submissions based on quality of the image and presentation, failure to meet the requirements of the Exhibition, inappropriateness of content, and/or concerns regarding copyright infringement in the original work.

  • All work must be available for sale.

  • Submissions received after the stated deadline will not be considered.

​Image Preparation

  • JPEG files only

  • 300 DPI, up to 15 megabgytes

  • Do not include frame

  • Aperto will not make any corrections: images must accurately present the work

  • Aperto may crop images for marketing, promotional or other stated uses

  • Title each image file with the following information:
    Artist Last Name, Artist First Name, Artwork Title, Year Created"

  • When stating size, list height then width then depth in this form: 
    "Height x Width x Depth inches". Depth pertains only to 3-dimensional items.

  • Complete entire submission and upload all images before submitting. Submitted applications cannot be edited. Reach out to the Host if there is an urgent need to modify the application. No corrections or additional info will be accepted after the submission deadline has passed.


Throughout the review and selection phase, and on into the Silent Auction and Party closing out the exhibition, Jurors and the visiting public will vote on several recognitions for stand-out work by the entrants. These include the following:


  • Jurors' Best in Show (decided during review and selection)

  • Visitor's Best in Show (gathered throughout the exhibition up to the day of the Silent Auction)

  • Silent Auction Favorite (Gathered at the Silent Auction)


Artists will receive a cash award and a gift from the Host.

Use Rights

Artists submitting applications to be considered for this Exhibition agree to the following:

  • That the Host be granted use of selected artworks only for display, marketing and promotional purposes for that Exhibition.

  • That the host may maintain an archive of the selected artwork for the purpose of historical documentation and as a record of past exhibitions. This archive will be available for public viewing on the Host website.

  • The Host will credit each full image with the artist's name and image title at minimum, except as used during the Juror's blind review and selection session.

  • The artist maintains all copyrights of any images that he or she submits to this Exhibition. All images submitted and used for any reason as described in this Guide are the property of the respective artists.

  • Any images received from entrants that are not selected for the Exhibition will be removed from digital storage within 30 days of the Exhibition.

  • By submitting artwork you are granting the Host permission to use the images for the purpose of advertising this Exhibition now and in the future.

General Conditions

In the event that the Exhibition or the Silent Auction is unable to run as planned for any reason, as determined by the Host, the Host may, in its sole discretion, either suspend the Exhibition to address the impairment and then resume in a manner that best conforms to the spirit of this Guide, or terminate the Exhibition and in the event of termination, will alert all exhibitors of a time and place to retrieve any items received by the Host. The Host will make every effort and take all reasonable steps to eliminate any such impairment in the interest of the Exhibition and the entrants involved.

Insurance, Release and Limits of Liability

The Host is responsible for insuring entrant's works submitted and accepted for the Exhibition through a Fine Art Policy owned by the Host, during the time that the items are physically located inside the gallery building.

By participating in the Visiting Artists Juried Exhibition entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Host, and each of their respective families and affiliates (Released Parties) from and against any claim or cause of action arising out of participation in the Exhibition. Entrant further agrees that in any cause of action, the Released Parties will not be subject to attorney's fees


Information collected by entrants will not be shared with others outside the Host organization unless for promotional, advertising and/or other activities as specified in this Guide.

Future Communications

Artists submitting application to the Exhibition will be placed on the Aperto Mailing List to receive future gallery communications, and specifically gallery exhibition cards keeping entrants informed of activities and events. Entrants can opt out of the mailing list on the application. 


63 Main Street

Bridgton, Maine 04009

(207) 291-4245

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