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The Gallery

Conceived by Gallery Owner Linda LaCroix in the early 2000's, Aperto Fine Art opened its doors in May 2022. Linda at the time was the Director of two fine art galleries in Nantucket, Massachusetts: Gallery Blue a contemporary art gallery and Levis Fine Art housing the Moderns including Elaine DeKooning, Rockwell Kent, Alice Neal, the Fauvists, and more. After moving to Bridgton in 2019, her favorite childhood summer haunt, she and her Gallery Partner Jim Kidder jumped on the opportunity to purchase the iconic green building with the idea that they would establish a new fine art venue in Bridgton.

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Our mission is to showcase artists who push the edges of their work ever further, daring to stand in unfamiliar creative space, the strange attractors whose art soothes, challenges, questions, comforts, and demands of us our attention as we pass by their work.



Jim and Linda believe this reach is possible, to engage artists who can and do offer the unfamiliar and cause us to pause. They bring these works to Aperto Fine Art out of the shear joy of being amongst the works that come from such souls and invite folks to share in what they have found.

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