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Blue Flowers

Visiting Artists
Juried Exhibition



Initial Review
The artist submission period ends at 6pm on Februry 23. You now have access to the entries as they come in so you can start judging anytime. All reviews must be completed by March 1. Jurors will be provided with a summary report for each entry generated by the Initial Review.
Final Selections
Final review will take place during a Zoom meeting with the Jurors to be scheduled at a date and time agreeable to all.  Jurors will review each entry starting with those gaining the most YES votes, moving on to MAYBE votes and so on, to include 40 to 60 paintings depending on size and number of passing entries.
Jurors's Best in Show
Jurors will be voting on a Best in Show entry as part of three recognitions that will be announced at the Silent Auction. Before you submit your assessment you can make your choice for Best in Show by clicking the JBS button. You can bring forward up to 3 images for consideration.

 ENTRIES Final Selections 2024

Click on the images to see the expanded view against black background.
From the expanded view, copy the submission code and paste into
"Submission Code" on the Assessment form
Code example: "24-002-3" (Year, Artist No., Submission No.).

Only one response per entry. Inputs are not saved if you leave this page prior to posting.

Answers should be based on the following elements of artistic expression
1. Interpretation and clarity of the subject matter
LackingFaintCheckWell DoneOutstanding
2. Creativity, uniqueness, and originality
3. Quality of artistic expression and overall layout of the work
4. Color and tone and balance of the image within its space
5. Overall impression: what is the impact of the artwork in general and as a whole?
6. Overall does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?
7. Does the artwork push the creative edge and offer new and exceptional responses to chosen subject matters?
Should this entry move on to the group consideraton?

Thank you! for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

The initial voting period has ended. Thank you! Next is our group voting ... Cheers!

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